Car Accidents

Under the law, the person at fault in an auto accident must compensate the victim. But, in many cases, the issue of who is at fault (liability) is disputed, as well as the amount of damages. These issues, and many more, must be resolved if an injured person is to be fully and justly compensated.

In our experience, people injured in auto accidents often wait too long to seek counsel to help with their claims. In most circumstances, an injured party has only one year from the time of the accident to sue the person at fault. Thus, deGravelles & Palmintier strongly believe that an injured party should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible after an auto accident. This will allow the law firm to better preserve the evidence, interview witnesses, and protect your rights. The attorney should speak to your insurance company on your behalf and inform you of your rights to receive a fair recovery for your damages. If you were injured in an auto accident, you should seriously consider contacting a lawyer immediately.

At deGravelles & Palmintier, we have represented thousands of individuals injured in car accidents and have aggressively pursued these types of claims for decades. Whether negotiating with insurance adjustors, or taking the case to trial, we are highly experienced at successfully resolving these matters. Call 225-344-3735 now for a free consultation.