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When you suffer an injury, the unknown can be frightening and overwhelming. Many individuals and their families who have suffered crippling injuries or lost loved ones were unfairly taken advantage of when they needed help the most.  If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, our experienced personal injury lawyers are here to help. We work with our clients to help mend their lives, put them back on their feet and restore their dignity.

Since 1987, our team has helped secure well over $300 million dollars for injured clients.

Fighting for Justice for Generations and Making Clients Whole

deGravelles & Palmintier was built on a foundation of integrity and restoring dignity for our clients. With our hands-on, client-first approach, our team of experienced personal injury attorneys and staff stand ready to fight for our clients and provide you with an absolute dedication to high-quality representation. Success in the courtroom is our top priority, but you can also count on us to be confidantes and counselors throughout the legal process and beyond.

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Car Accident, Big Truck Accident, Maritime Injury, and Beyond

When an accident occurs through the fault of others, far too often, wealthy insurance companies, employers or other responsible persons do not treat the victim of the accident fairly. They may even go to great lengths to avoid paying the victim what is fair. deGravelles & Palmintier works tirelessly to pursue justice for your clients and help restore our clients’ dignity and get them back on their feet.  

deGravelles & Palmintier has represented thousands of clients in a variety of cases including:

Free Consultation and No Charges Unless We Win

Our firm offers free consultations to anyone in need of legal assistance for their injury. We also operate on a contingency fee, which means that clients won’t have to pay until their case is won. Whenever a client retains their maximum fair recovery, a percentage of the compensation goes toward the law firm. If a case is unsuccessful, the client is not charged. Call now at 225-325-7935 to set up a free consultation with the team of deGravelles & Palmintier.