The deGravelles & Palmintier team has obtained significant and, in some cases, record-breaking results for their clients in a variety of different kinds of cases including maritime, industrial accidents, products liability, automobile and trucking accidents, medical malpractice and business litigation cases.

Over the years, deGravelles & Palmintier has helped secure well over $300 million dollars for injured victims.

Every case is unique and no one can guarantee a certain result but deGravelles & Palmintier has and will never rest on their past successes and are committed to obtaining the full value of each and every case that they handle.

Case Study 1:

In one case, deGravelles & Palmintier partner, Neale deGravelles, represented the family of a man who was never seen again after working on an oil rig. The man was doing work aboard a jack-up oil rig that was being transferred by tugboats off the coastline of Louisiana. The man was last seen by fellow co-workers talking with his family on his cell phone. Shortly after, a bunk check revealed that he was not on board. The management of the rig ignored search and rescue procedures and kept the vessel moving forward. They did not try to stop the vessel or even detach one of the tug boats that was pulling the rig to begin a search for the man. The management of the rig did not even immediately call the Coast Guard to help with rescue efforts. Instead, the vessel continued to move away from the area.  The man was never seen again. Considering where the man was last seen on the vessel, evidence shows that he would not have died from the fall off the vessel, but would have slowly died in the water from exposure/drowning. Mr. deGravelles obtained a sizable settlement for the family before trial. American business can, and should, focus on making a profit.  However, when the desire to make profit is so strong that a company can ignore safety regulations and common sense and leave a man to drown to make profits, those companies must be made to answer.

Case Study 2:

Partner, Neale deGravelles, was involved in a case where his client worked at a processing facility that put milk crates onto pallets, which were transferred by eighteen-wheelers across the region. The client was working in the area where a large robotic arm, having the strength of many men, loaded hundreds of pounds of pallets into trucks. Due to flaws in the design and mechanical failures of the robotic arm, the arm unexpectedly swung over and slammed the client to a metal loading table. This caused severe and permanent injuries. Crushed and badly injured, the client was unable to move due to the strength of the robotic arm. The client screamed out for help for roughly half an hour before a co-worker from another part of the facility stumbled upon him and began rescue procedures.  Mr. deGravelles obtained a sizable verdict for his client at a jury trial in New Orleans. As this case demonstrates, even high tech and sophisticated machinery costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars can be faulty, and when that happens, the damages caused by them can be just as significant.