Referring Attorneys

The reputation of the deGravelles & Palmintier team has been built not only on the satisfaction of clients but also on the respect of their colleagues, their opponents and the judges before whom they have practiced. This respect is reflected in the long-lasting and mutually profitable relationships they have built with referring attorneys.

You might have a personal injury matter which is outside your area of practice, or maybe you have a case that is simply too complex, time-consuming, or resource intensive to handle alone. Perhaps you simply need help in getting the matter tried to a jury. Whatever your needs as a potential referring attorney, please consider letting deGravelles & Palmintier help you.

 When a case is referred to us, success for the client involves a team approach and referring attorneys are an essential part of that team. A referring attorney’s involvement may vary depending on the desire of that attorney but, regardless of the level of participation, the referring attorney will share in the progress of the case and the financial rewards of a successful conclusion.

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